Rokkerin the jib

Photo from – horse-drawn holidays in Cumbria

The title of this post is in Romani, language of the Roma people.  Rokkerin the jib translates as speaking the language and that sums it up.  It is not, and never has been, a written language, it is purely oral.  Some words have found their way into English language e.g. chavi and kushti, and to the best of my understanding modern Romani also includes loan words from English.

Given that Romani is not written down, it’s hard to find out much about the language, but I think that rokkerin the jib is one of the most expressive phrases you could ever roll round your tongue.

For more genuine rokkerin visit Traveller Times here.

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  1. Beautiful picture. 6 years of opportunity and I never went to Appleby Horse Fair. How stupid is that?

  2. The fair looks fantastic like a second Derby day. It’s going to be a long winter. I’m off to Kempton again tonight with no Jamie Snr to keep me going. Thank god for the press room sponge cake.

  3. Spoke too soon – there’s no sponge cake.

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