Sometimes, in extremis, I take Rudi for a quick whizz around an old cemetery. My heart is always in my mouth as it is filled with trip hazards and holes for him to put a paw down. Now I run the risk of being fined if I let him off the lead, thanks to a load of byelaws being passed earlier this year.

I’m not saying I do let him off, mind.

Anyway, I have taken this particular headstone before because it is striking and sad, having five children’s faces carved into the marble. Some are in better condition than others. The last time I took this subject it would be fair to say that the angle of the girl’s head and the eyes tilted downwards put me in mind of something from The Exorcist. Yesterday she had ice in her eyes and it somehow brought them to life.

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  1. Now you’re really frightening me!

  2. Thinking of starting a campaign called look after that Lurcher. Hope he’s wearing a jacket.

  3. I’ve a picture of him in his jacket if you need photographic proof of his being thoroughly spoilt šŸ˜‰

  4. Good, off to Lakeside with Amy tonight does he need a new jacket for christmas?

  5. The picture is sad and beautiful

    • The father is buried with the five children, so it is very sad. He was a postcard photographer who died in 1907: Walter Bradley Dowsett. He was a younger brother of the lady who first lived in 44.

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