Runaway dog forces São Paulo-Congonhas Airport closure (via Aviation Safety Network’s Blog)

Recently I’ve been getting some hits every day from this blog.

Once the dog had escaped they seem to have searched for the dog for a full 24 minutes.
Comprehensive non?

Another good reason not to ever get on a plane in my “A Rational Fear of Flying” book

A runaway dog ran onto the tarmac at São Paulo-Congonhas Airport, SP (CGH/SBSP), Brazil on December 9, 2010 forcing the airport authorities to close the airport. The pinscher dog escaped from the hands of its owner at the TAM Cargo centre, Brazilian news web site D24am, reported. The airport was closed from 12:17 to 12:41 because the runaway dog was considered a safety risk as it could have entered the active runway. Four flights were delayed as … Read More

via Aviation Safety Network's Blog

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  1. Similar, albeit on a grander scale, to the times when Bertie brings the traffic to a standstill on the A382. No doubt if there were an airfield nearby he would transfer his escapology talents to there.

  2. Think of the havoc the little lozenge could cause at Heathrow 🙂

  3. He’d get sucked up into the jet engine – messy.

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