The Morning Star

Actually it’s the planet Venus and is visible in a clear sky at the moment before dawn. I have seen it twice this week at about 7 am, when I am standing in the frozen garden with the dog. There’s no moon, no other stars, just this one brilliant white and very sparkly planet in the sky. Apparently it will be visible in this way from both hemispheres until July 2011. Not being an especially early-riser this is probably my optimum time to catch it.

Recommended viewing in the south-eastern pre-dawn skies if you are up and about.

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  1. Did it look like that??! Isn’t Venus always the brightest star in sky, closest to earth other than moon?

  2. Finkywink is right.

    Is this your garden??? Taken from the belvedere, no doubt, near to the haha.

  3. Well it looked more like that than it looked like a normal star. I did take a photo this morning, but it came out crescent-shaped for some reason.

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