As much as stick my fingers in my ears and my hands over my eyes, the Christmas season continues in all its relentlessness; not unlike this plant down the road. If it is a forsythia, and I think it is, it shouldn’t be out until Easter. I don’t like it anyway, my sympathy lies with the fence.

On the upside, at least it’s not a poinsettia. Now, I really hate those: the leaves always drop off the moment you have bought them.

*2 weeks to Epiphany

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  1. If I am following the moral of this post it’s this: Buy Poinsetteias at your own peril.

    Happy Christmas makemeadiva, you kno u love it.

  2. Oh no it’s fine. It’s not forsythia. I think it’s broom. We have some in our garden although I inherited. More beautiful though is what I think is the winter flowering clematis. Tiny pendulous white/green flowers which look a little bit magical in the snow.

    I’ve got a christmas pudding for you if you want it 😉

  3. Life is the name of the game…………… I think it’s beautiful, the flower not life. Happy Capitalismas!

  4. Well if finkywink says it’s not forsythia (and she is always right) then I can like it a little.

    Happy Capitalismas to everyone too.

  5. No. No ‘e’. They cost 20p round these parts.

  6. Common then 😉

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