A Rash of Dalmatians

There’s a Where we Walk post and photo from one summer somewhere on this blog; it features the girls and Rudi with his tail curled unattractively like a pig in it. This is the same place and we haven’t walked there for months due to the cold. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so Rudi and I took our chances. I was going to walk all the way along the bottom of the fields by the brook, but if you carry on along there you end up at a small lake and I had visions of Rudi doing a bad impression of an Ice Road Trucker on the surface, and us both dying as a result of the rescue. So, instead I swung left up the hill towards the big tree and when we got to the crest, this is the sight we were greeted with.

No jokes about Cruellas please, these ladies were lovely.

Their youngest dalmatian had been recently rescued, with a broken tail, from an evil puppy farm. Ahhh.

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  1. Why’s he got a coat on the big Jessie?

    P.S. Where’s all the snow? Our’s aint gone yet althouh a bits going today as it’s up to 0 degrees! 😀

    P.P.S The use of ‘big Jessie’ is in no way personal to anyone reading or writing this blod! 😛

  2. Snow: melted thank goodness

    Coat: allergic to the cold like his mistress

  3. beautiful pics; dalmatians, I have to concede, are much classier looking than a heap of spaniels – but dafter.

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