The Vets

I much prefer a trip to the vets than the doctors. Unless it’s not routine, which is awful. Today was the Rudi Dog’s day for his booster vaccination, which means I’ve had him for three whole years. He’s now transformed from the malnourished, scared of his own shadow lurcher from Navan of December 2007 into a passable impression of a pet. He used to double-back upstairs when he saw the lead, try to run off blindly if there was a sudden noise, and a car passing by on the street caused severe mental trauma. He still growls like a gurrier when approached if he’s half-asleep but, I suppose, some of us wouldn’t be without him now.

He has to keep his Coat of Power on in the vets. He feels naked without it.

Action in the doorway

Old worry whiskers

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  1. Oooo… Love his Coat of Power… He is sweet!

  2. But he survived the experience despite the girlie coat.

  3. A trip to the vets, an ideal activity for the christmas/new year no man’s land. You have a better class of chair in your vet’s

  4. Your vets complies to the Law of Vets ie there’s always an old lady in the corner in a lilac anorak with a terrier or ‘bit of Jack Russell in him’. Perhaps lurchers wear their Coats of Power to keep them at bay.

  5. Those pictures are like ‘Peep Show’ but for dogs! Have you ever thought of putting a camera on him for a day or for a walk? It would make an ace Youtube clip. Make it you new years resolution, please! 😀

  6. The vet has a far superior waiting room and classier clients than the doctor.

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