Inner City Blues (makes me wanna holler)

When I was about 10 my best friend went on holiday to America. She brought me back a mug from Detroit, or maybe it was a postcard and the mug was from Niagara Falls – it was a long time ago. Anyway, Detroit seemed like a glamorous sort of place to me, surrounded as I was by brassica and onions out in the Fens.

This gallery at The Observer website is simply staggering. It shows downtown Detroit in utter decline. A post-capitalist apocalyptic scene where the money has left the building. You should take a look.

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  1. It’s still strangely beautiful! Have you ever watched that programme on one of the discovery channels or the like ‘Life without Humans?’

    It still has a ‘soul’.

  2. I haven’t seen that programme.

    For me dereliction and decay is far more beautiful and interesting to look at than pristine and perfect this or that.

    It worries me though because humans still live there.

  3. Luxury!

    You’ve not been to Stoke recently have you? 😦

  4. I thought this might come up.

    Guessing Stoke’s boom period preceded that of Detroit’s so you will be showing the way…

  5. Oh no I’m not predicatble now. 😦

    Stoke’s boom period preceded and outlived Detroits. It was the influence of Detroit (America) and capitalism that destroyed the Pottery industry when big business, having bought local potteries, decided they could make it all cheaper in countries in the far east…………. bleeding capitlist pigs! 😀

    How many words you up to?

  6. On my knees with the last 500 or so Mr Burger sir. Then I’ve got to do the editing and referencing and write the appendices and so forth, which is a job of work in itself. It is the worst thing I have ever done, bar none.

    But thank you for asking. I particularly like moaning about it, it’s therapeutic. Here’s a clip to a documentary I shouldn’t have missed. You can watch it and then compare Stoke to Detroit in 1000 words essay if you are feeling up to it. On my desk on Thursday? 😉

    • Oooh I might look at thqt tomorrow. Hope your desk is strong!! 😛

      Bobby was out today and I’ve got some pics of him by the Christmas tree, you won’t like the tree! I’ll ry and send them later this week! 😀 I’ve also got a random heart picture from a grave yard!

  7. You need your own blog with all that material 🙂

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