*Pulls sorry face*

I watched this programme on BBC Four the other day about the link between emotions and the brain; a preoccupation that acted as a diversion a few weeks ago, as I went through nearly every emotion trying to produce those wretched assignments.

One of the things they demonstrated with an experiment involving a brain scan was that people have different levels of empathy – nothing you didn’t already know if you ever looked at David Cameron’s fake sympatico face. In the experiment, people are first asked to fill out a questionnaire about how empathetic they think they are and then they have a brain scan to test their empathetic response. Turns out many people think they are super empathetic but the brain scans show otherwise – there is no corresponding brain activity. So we can surmise that humans learn to respond and pull a sorry-looking face as appropriate in certain situations: like when one cuts budgets, but it is not always a truly empathetic response.

And the key to empathy. Well it is experience. If you have experienced something yourself and someone else then experiences it and tells you all about it, all the same parts of the brain light up as did when you were actually having your own experience. So without suffering yourself, you can’t properly empathise with another person’s pain. Don’t worry though *David, you can carry on practising your face in the mirror.

Re the surtitle: from the way the Memphis Mafia walk I am pretty sure they’ve all got more than one shoe *crosses finger*

*Just in case I come off as an non-empathetic old cow with my recent bellyaching about our PM I would like to add this footnote. I know Mr Cameron has known his own personal pain and tragedy and I am sure I do feel sorry for him in that regard; this post is purely to do with his political role and the faces he concocts when trying to feel your pain in economic hardship, usually combined in a deadly cocktail with long-term unemployment, garnished with lack of opportunity.

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  1. This pseudo empathy is a result of years of liberal left lovey pissflappers thinking they know how other people feel and ramming their pseudo (I love that word) intellectual shite to generations. We’ve ended up with a country of people who use this to engender a sympathy vote technique to replace any inclination to work hard for a bloody living! Blame culture, claim culture. We need a totalitarian state to undo all the damage! Woe is me, woe is me, thrice woe is me.

    Dave should adopt a more stern persona and really make us suffer. We deserve it lol!

  2. Is that the female alternative to when I say balls? It may seem harsh but I think DC seemed quite cold and emotionless to his son dying

    • We need Daftburger back for the anatomical details…

      I s’pose he put his work head on when we saw him thereafter. There is a type of bloodless upper class English male who specialises in that kind of thing. I have met a few: probably some of them own racehorses…

  3. How do I flap piss? Answers on a postcard, please.

  4. Mother!

  5. Don’t ask me what any of this stuff in my head means! I think it’s derogatory term for feminst but don’t quote me on it. Don’t judge me I just pass these things on for your own interpretations!

    I’m just a vessel, a sieve if you like ;), that takes things on board and drops them off eventually when they leak through very much like a p….. well you know the rest!! šŸ˜›

    I hope mum doesn’t see this!

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