A surrealist telephone conversation

Me: Hello

Dad: Hello. You know he’s left then?

Me: No (do not mention I cannot see into alternate realities (yet))

Dad: Did he leave some bananas here?

Me: I don’t know (see alternate realities: bunch of bananas section)

Dad: Well, if not, that means we have a mysterious banana leaver coming in here… and… leaving bananas…

Me: Ummm

Me: Do you want to take them then? (give me a break – I’m working with what I’ve got)

Dad: No I don’t want bananas! (*with feeling* I knew he didn’t like melon much, but I had no idea about this banana hatred)

Me: Oh

Me: Hmmmm

Me: Dad, this is a rather surreal conversation y’know

Dad: *laughs* I suppose it is. Ok, well see you soon *slams phone down as per familial MO*

There was a brief interlude about wardrobes, but that would just confuse matters further.

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  1. Don’t think you should deprive us of wardrobe bit.
    Did Dad know it was you and who’s the he being referred to. The other week Dad was sending me empty texts and then replies to other messages 4 days later.

  2. I laughed like a drain at this – thanks for brightening the morning.

    When he was teaching in a prep school on his gap year (aged 17) he used bananas as an audio-visual aid for teaching the Latin first declension. Something on the lines of “I am a banana, have a bananam, the bananae are off, I eat bananas, the skins of bananarem are inedible etc”. I think that’s pretty inspired.

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