The car radio

I was being shown round a new gallery space on Friday morning, and one of the exhibits that caught my eye in the Anti-Photography exhibition was a set of black and white photographs entitled “Car Radios Playing Good Tunes”. I will have to go back so I can credit the photographer properly.

In the meantime here’s my own radio playing the blog anthem for 2011. It’s quite soon to call it, but I’ve no choice.
I was driving about this afternoon and, after a period of silence and contemplation, I flicked the radio on and the tune jumped out and grabbed me round the throat. It’s that good.

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  1. Video is a timewarp, clothes, hair etc.. Wicked tune, countdown till the album is released…5 days to go
    This has given me some (!) inspiration to scan over the hellish new modules!

  2. Drugs destroy lives and families. Your’s in disgust. etc…

    Enjoy your new modules if your short term memory can remember to do them! And don’t leave them until the last minute! šŸ˜‰

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