Sometimes you can put your feet up, but it’s just not happening. We managed to catch Rudi on the sofa between a bout of growling and stressing over the gift of a pork sausage. He can’t eat the item, he has to wander around with it whining…

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  1. My, what big hands you have*

    *They may not be yours

    Can I have a treat tomorrow before my month without you? I realise the chances of this happening may have diminished if they are your hands and I’ve called them big!? 😀

    • Those hands are mine. They are “Walker” hands which have come from the soil of the north west of England where the women kept geese and cows and the men went down the mines. I am proud of them and they serve me well 🙂

  2. Does he eat it in the end? Or is there a huge festering pile of treats pushed down behind a radiator?

  3. He takes them to the secret place for eating things. He takes slices of bread there too. Maybe if it was garlic sausage…

  4. n.b. we were going for the worst possible shot of him – he can look horrendous, this is Mr Hyde.

  5. I was going to ask about this, if this was a good or a bad face. Now I know.

  6. I love that scary, demon-dog face. My buddy does the same thing. :o)

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