A quick salvo

It’s perfectly apparent now that the coalition have no idea whatsoever about anything very much at all.

I managed to keep schtum last week when silly old bear Nick Clegg said just because the government did not publish a plan for growth did not mean they did not have a plan for same. Well, it’s becoming evident that, apart from the “long, hard road” of cuts, there’s no map at all. And if there is one then someone is holding it upside down.

If you think I might be being a bit mean, think about this. One of the ‘free’ schools the goverment has approved in Leicester (and that’s a new additional state school run with government money by parents and teachers) is costing £15 million upfront in capital costs. That’s before they’ve even got a kid on the register. In the meantime the schools’ capital budget was slashed. With plans like that who needs to hear any more?

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  1. I did say that voting for cons was not really beneficiary for anyone earning less than 6 figure salaries or owning at leas their own village. Labour might have had their own good in mind at times as any good politician has but they had an agenda to speak for the “little people”. Cons have never promised that poor would become rich, the closest they have got is to make poor more comfortable in their poverty somewhere very far away from them!! Oops, sorry, my soap box just caught fire 😀

    • No, no, let me have a quick turn on it before it turns to ashes!

      It is v annoying that the 40% tax band threshold is being lowered to only a few sovereigns over £35K. Now of course we would be so lucky, but it’s not really a huge amount to earn these days and anyone earning up to £150K would be in that bracket too. Then it’s 50%. It’s not really fine-tuned if you ask me. A sliding scale of 20%, 40% and 50% is hardly finessed.

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