Football: a big day in the life of

And I don’t mean the impending announcement of whether West Ham will indeed get the Olympic stadium over Tottenham.

No, it’s bigger than that: today is the day the eldest goes off to play in her first inter-school football tournament on the astroturf pitches at a local High School. She has some new Arsenal shin pads, which the youngest tested thoroughly in the front room last night by giving her sister’s shins some good hard kicks. She has some football socks which she insisted she didn’t need because she was going to borrow her friend’s spare pair. It was pointed out that, going forward, if she was going to play for Arsenal Ladies she might need her own…

There then followed a fulmination about the selfish nature of her boy team mates; apparently, they would rather lose possession of the ball to the opposing team than pass to a girl. There was also a more mild-mannered digression around why she was picked to play in the team at all: long legs, speed to burn…

I am on maternal sporting tenterhooks waiting for the post-match report.

Pass us the ball lads

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  1. You go girl!!! Your aunt and cousins would like some pics and a postmatch report please xx

  2. 1) Wrong colour socks
    2) Some right hackers
    3) Handball given incorrectly against eldest
    4) Blatant handball not spotted by useless ref
    5) Shin pad marks
    6) Aching legs
    7) Inconsistent coach “don’t worry if you don’t win” becomes touchline despair and “gggrrrrr” when they don’t win
    8 ) Boys not passing to girls
    9) Had to walk to venue
    10) Not allowed to take food
    11) One magnificent goal scored by our own correspondent (defender) unfolding thus: scorching run down right wing before one touch and goal!
    12) Won the friendlies, lost the competitive matches
    13) Planning an International career already

    As dictated, more or less, by an exhausted defender (No. 14) sponsored by Sainsburys. Currently eating waffle with cream on the sofa and watching CITV and waiting for her steak pie for tea. x

  3. She got a goal!!! Nice one Elsiebells xx

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