If you have children: watch this

And if you don’t, watch it anyway. If you are Michael Gove, you should take a look too. This came by way of my Chase & Status friend and colleague, Fay, for which many thanks. I am seeing her shortly and we will be discussing our revolution (as usual).

It caused me to shout Yes! quite loudly a couple of times: ADHD, Sausage Factories, Limiting Potential with Labels, Divergent Thinking, Teaching our Kids not to Think – it’s got it all.

Of course, I can’t force it on you, but I am going to take a liberty and be prescriptive: dunromin, enkunalma, finkywink – you must watch.

If you’ve no interest in education I can also recommend it on the basis of some rather excellent scribbling…

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  1. super scribbling had me saying yes yeah but yep:
    nothing much to disagree with there:
    no solutions though?

  2. Well making a change is a big problem when our economic and political models are perpetuated by an education system that is happy to allow many, many people to become disenfranchised and discouraged from independent thought at a young age. I don’t know the answer to that at the moment.

    I do know that in my own practice I am committed to looking beyond the labels people come to class with and stimulating independent thinking. Perhaps that’s all that can be done.

    But it also demonstrates the desperate need to keep music and arts and the things you do in schools available to every child!!!

  3. Stuff of life. Educational developments since 1980 have all been regressive, driven by the economic model of “Yes. but what’s it worth in cash? What’s the most efficient way of turning children into economically productive units?” The end result is disillusion, fractured individuals and a fractured society.

  4. I liked school; we had our own world in which we did what we wanted and ridiculed the Man.

    • Who was The Man?

      • I didn’t put that very well; what I meant was we constructed our alternative universe in opposition to what the adult figures of authority did; perhaps school can be different to my experience, inclusive and caring and so on, but I can’t see where the fun would be in that.

      • Maybe you are able to hold that view because your divergent thinking is intact? I don’t know, it’s a thought.

        Children should be taught when they are ready to learn, a readiness which is not based on a number (age). We are too willing to accept a significant proportion of young children turned off from education as collateral damage to the ones that aren’t. That’s my view. In a ‘civilised’ society that trumpets equality of opportunity that’s simply not acceptable.

  5. Whipper West.

  6. I did like this, it had interesting points and angles (not to mention the lines and arrows LOL) Also, it poignantly showed how some people have their lives and abilities mapped out fairly randomly at an early age. Scary stuff!

  7. I can’t see the video here but I can post and wordpress is accessible now!Keep the faith!

    • I am glad you dropped by Daftburger: I would’ve prescribed it for you too, if you hadn’t been gadding about in China.

      Enjoy the rest of the trip.

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