An experiment

Im getting rid of apostrophes for a while on the blog, for both possession and omission, or contraction if you prefer.

Im expecting theres going to be a huge hue and cry about this, but consider yourself part of a project, potentially for the higher good.

The argument for their usage is that they aid meaning, and, thats true. But do they actually hinder understanding? I would like to propose the motion: perhaps not as much as we think…

Education should not be about the oppression of others after all. So, for now, Ive set the apostrophes free. If you see them scampering down the road, having a pint in the pub, cheering a goal at the football, fret ye not. They have instructions and theyll be back before you know it.

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  1. What a catastrophe
    For the humble apostrophe
    This small part of grammars
    Been chucked in the slammer
    And while the diva makes sense
    I’m feeling most tense
    At the absence of signs
    To show whats yours and whats mine.

  2. Nooooo, do not ditch apostrophes. I spent most of my youth learning how to put apostrophes in their right places as well as learning the irregular verbs by heart. This is why I need to demand that everyone sticks to the right way of spelling 🙂

  3. Consider this a hue and cry.

  4. The cats whiskers
    The cats whiskers

    One cat or many? If the text is coherent it should be self-evident…

    On the other hand the Leyton Orient chant yesterday:

    Were better than Barcelona
    We are better than Barcelona

    is a little more problematic – although people can say what they like without apostrophes 🙂

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