A boot full of bass

I used to get a bass kick like this: an elderly gold Mercedes-Benz parked up under the council flats where I lived in North London with its boot full of subwoofers and speakers. The car used to shake with the bass coming out of it and so did the flats.

Since I got a bit older I have started to miss that bass vibration coming up through your feet that you get in clubs, so yesterday was a bit of an unexpected treat. I had downloaded this track and put it on CD for the car having already listened to it a good few times on the laptop. I have a hitherto dodgy and annoying speaker in the boot but, when this track dropped, it was like having a helicoptor taking off from the roof of the car – visceral stuff. Sadly you just won’t get the proper effect unless you come for a ride in the Tin Can with me.

The Flats

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  1. It’s a tune – haunting, gets under the skin. Thanks for sharing!

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