Putting it all in

It’s probably a bit bogus to compare attitudes in horses to attitudes in people, but its my blog so I will do it anyway.

I was enjoying a bit of a re-run of yesterday afternoons racing with AMB before the England Five Nations match (cue WBWC) and we were pretty happy to watch her morning pick Quinz win the Racing Post Chase at Kempton. She was happy because she had backed him some and I was happy for that reason, but also because I was reminded about horses and their ways. We had been to a Cheltenham preview night a few nights before and Phillip Hobbs, the trainer of Quinz, had mentioned the horse didn’t take much racing, which AMB had duly noted. We could then concur that perhaps this RP Chase was his Cheltenham, although it is looking like he may go to the Grand National (16/1).

Anyway, during the race, Quinz was making a good effort from the front before turning for home wherein the extravagantly priced (50/1) Mount Oscar started to look a bit ominous. In fact, for a time between the penultimate and last fence, it pretty much looked like Quinz was going to lose. But he didn’t. He jumped the last the best of the pair and then stuck on, dug deep, pulled more out and stayed on for pressure to the line – take your pick from the bag of racing cliches – and as I watched, and was glad, it seemed more than evident why the horse didnt take much racing: he was giving his all.

Loads of horses dont. They are bridle merchants, or need a late charge, they curl up in the shadow of the post, won’t go past one sticking its neck out, find nothing for pressure etc. etc. Its made me wonder what the majority of humans are like. If they are sensible they will, like some horses, keep a little back for themselves. If they don’t, they’d be a bit like me and Quinz – needing a long lie-down in their stable before the next effort is asked for.

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  1. Are you trying to get a job writing analysis?

  2. I dont think theyd be after my sentimental, anthropomorphic take on such a serious subject…

    And Id be in the firing line for what I would write about the Eider, but then that race is always horrible.

  3. PS – Arsenal *head in hands* wtf is going on at the back there Jamie?

    • If you want to take long thows you really need to practice them more! Perhaps you (Arsene) should study how other teams play and realise tippy tappy hasn’t won anything for six years.

      Arsene out! Pulis in (to Arsenal and out of Stoke obviously!). If only you could have lost to a nicer team than the hated Brummies my return to Blighty would have been completely blissful!

    • My mum went and just can’t explain what happened. Think that seeing horses break into a trot isn’t racing it’s cruelty. The jockeys went off too fast

  4. She’s still riding on the wave of the deceit.

  5. Did she get any dinner?

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