M4 Corridor

I was born around the M4 and have lived either side of my birth place, Newbury, at junctions 11 and 15 in my time. On the haul back from Devon to Essex I like to try and make it as far as Membury (just past Swindon) services before I have to stop. Years ago when I was pregnant I only made it a short way up the M5 before I had to pull over to fall asleep somewhere near Taunton. I don’t like Leigh Delamere, just past Bristol, having once spent an hour driving there to buy a jigsaw on a Sunday afternoon (prior to Sunday shop opening). They didn’t have one. I don’t like Chievely (Newbury) either because I spent a long time in the car park once waiting for the dog Rudi from the boat from Ireland, plus which you have to get involved with traffic lights which is a pain. There’s no point stopping at Reading services in my view and if I have to stop at that South Mimms on the M25 then I will have definitely lost the will to live.

I like to stop at Membury because it seems sort of equidistant and because if you are lucky you can watch the rabbits outside from the cafe. Yesterday we had the wobbliest table in the world, it was raining and there was no sign of the bunnies. On the other hand they have this mural thing at the entrance to the ladies toilets, so all was not lost.

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  1. There is a great story to be written about motorway services. They are a place of hopes and fears

  2. Well it wasn’t that post was it! I am struggling to string a sentence together at the moment – send me sub?

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