Big Bad Bob

There’s a maiden race named after this stallion today – 3.05 at the Curragh racecourse. It’s a great sounding race the Big Bad Bob Maiden over 6 furlongs. It’s a Big Bad Field too with 27 horses aged 3 and over with not a win between them (it being a maiden). Only a mad woman would be picking a horse to win this race, and I have that on Good Authority…

Thank god for the flat turf season – I was nearly at my wits end with all this awful weather and jumping malarkey.

Perhaps we can turn the corner into spring now with some proper racing \o/

Big Bad Bob himself


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  1. Sorry terrible tips although I got out of trouble backing Blue Dahlia. Big Bad Bob has risen through the ranks as a stallion considering his form wasn’t that good. Nancy says he is a good looker not so sure she thinks the same of me

    • Dont worry – I ignored the first and got the winner in the Stewards and what’s a Joe Mac between friends?!

  2. Got a plan to make it up to u. How do u fancy breakfast with the stars? Its May 26 about 8am no hogging the toast though

  3. They’ve named a horse after me! 😀

  4. I’ve downsized the image of Big Bad Bob.

    Apologies to anyone viewing a very tall, thin horse. And to Bob.

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