Iron Horse

This is a bluegrass cover of the Metallica track The Unforgiven by Iron Horse – a band I had never heard of until about twenty minutes ago. I like the Metallica song a lot, but when one is trying to type up some version of a 3000 word assignment on a Sunday morning, this one is a bit more accessible to the ear and a lot better than Steve Wrights Sunday Love Songs.

I like bluegrass. I dont expect anyone else to…

N.b. I can also recommend their cover of Nothing Else Matters, also a Metallica song.

P.s. I think Jamie will disown me now, but before he does we need a guest post about the A13 and a lurcher…

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  1. I like Nothing Else Matters. Best leave that blog to my mum. The new one’s going to be called No!!!!!!Jamie after Auld Burns win

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