Handing Stuff In

to academic institutions makes me think, a lot.

Specifically, yesterday, it made me feel sick to think that whatever, and however, I regurgitate the received wisdom and body of knowledge from a prescribed list I am essentially being taught to think backwards and not forwards.

Because if you think forwards too much, no-one can mark it against the already determined learning outcomes…

Then I thought to charge people 9 grand a year for what’s already out there is a bit of a damn liberty and hardly a democratic education. And then I went home and told my kids to try and remember that their best learning is out in the world in the people they meet, and in the things they read, and the experiences they have and please not to think the only, or best, place for an education is in some ivory tower where you pay through the nose for the approved reading list.

And they said, Mum, you are random. And I suppose that is true. But I have learned for free that no-one ever looks their best in hammock.

Styling it out

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  1. I’m anti-university but pro-school

  2. CJ’s pulling off the hammock look quite well.

  3. The girls and the place look lovely. What’s with the empty pool in the background?

    I got told my final university dissertation on Katherine Mansfield (also viewed as too slight an author, haha) was too difficult to mark as there’d not been enough written on her / opinion formed (other than by the sole expert who’d been my supervisor). Seems original thought is too much for some…

    • In the genes then?

      The empty pool was hardly visible (except in that shot and I wondered who might notice!). It was sort of ‘next-door’ and not in the hotel. There was one further down the mountain that was filled with greeny black water. Nice!

      I would go back there no bother, shame about the flying. I still cannot get down with that. I wanted to scratch the steward’s eyes out when he tried to make us buy scratch cards. Because that is what you catch a flight for is it not? To buy a scratch card.

      Plus which they took the PSP off me (which I had paid to rent) before the tear-jerking kids film Marmaduke about a talking dog had finished. He was about to get it together with a mongrel. *Growls*

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