Derby Day: Part II

The Queen *curtsies* not Carlton House *admires nostrils*

Well, well, well. Kieren Fallon comes a cropper in the law courts.

Native Khan’s owner, Ibrahim Araci, has been successful in his appeal to prevent Fallon from riding Recital this afternoon and the sensational story has usurped the favourite in the market, the Queen’s horse, in the racing headlines.

Going into the race it has all been about Her Maj’s Carlton House and his twanged leg tendon. Now we will be hanging off our seats going round Tattenham Corner to see if Fallon’s intended mount, Recital, is running like a Derby winner and Native Khan’s Araci will be wanting right to be on his side for the second time in a day in the UK.

Imagine the equivalent in another sport? Injunction prevents footballer playing in a Cup Final. Legal ramifications may abound. But that’s for another day.

Today we have the Queen, the Aga Khan, the Turk and the Irish, plus a billion punters. What story are they going to back this afternoon with so many to choose from.

Now, with a little help from the judge, one of the most intriguing narratives of the day belongs to Recital.
Pat Smullen is forgoing a date in Tramore, Ireland this afternoon and hot-footing over to the Epsom Downs to partner Recital. I don’t really rate the form of that horse myself – Fallon may know better than me of course, but I would like to see Native Khan come home in front of that one, for both the craic and on pedigree.

Then there is Carlton House, belonging to the Queen. She has never had the Derby winner, so a first winner for her and a sixth winner for her trainer, Sir Michael Stoute, would be a nice headline for the Sunday papers. Better yet that she saves her first winner of the Derby for her Diamond Jubilee year (that’s 2012)?

Best story: Native Khan wins, making Fallon a liar and a fool
Second best: The Queen wins and a nation rejoices
Third best: Recital wins and the British justice system prevails

Ok, not buying that analysis? Try this instead.

Ballydoyle run 4 – yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn. Of the four, I would take Seville.

I can’t have anything by Montjeu today so that narrows things down nicely. And I find I am bored of typing now so I will leave it as a combination forecast involving Native Khan, Seville and Vadamar. Oh I am nothing if not rigorous in my analysis…

Native Khan's sire: Azamour - an exceptional looking horse

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  1. Come on join the dark side and back Recital!

    • Hmmm, it’s a tempting offer, as it would rather rub Fallon’s nose in it (excuse the rather obvious pun), but I think I’ll pass.

      I like the detail of the judgement and I especially like the soft-focus picture of Mr F that the RP have found to put on the front page – vaseline on the lens!

      Lord Justice Jackson added that he did not agree with the original judgement that grantingan injunction would affect the betting public.

      “Some members of the public bet on Native Khan as they thought that the defendant would be riding the horse. When members of the public bet on horses they run a multitude of risks. I accept that the risk of an injunction is rather less than the risk of injury but it is one of the vicissitudes of life,” he said.

      “The defendant brought this on himself with a deliberate and cynical disregard for the contract he entered in to. He did not improve his position by producing evidence that must be treated as untruthful.”

      • I give up on racing Fallon not riding in the Derby, Mick Fitz on the BBC and Balding can’t even remember the Oaks winner

  2. I’m watching Channel 4. I can report Deidre Johnston has a weirdly pale forehead compared to the rest of her face. I am putting it down to riding work in a crash hat.

    We also had a cracking filler of plug from the Musselburgh executive which I didn’t listen to at all.

  3. Oh and the Catt and your ex-missus got the giggles…

  4. We’re back together. BBC features are good but Emma is a better presenter than Balding. Had a ticket for the Derby but can’t bare to see Jamie SNR on a 200/1 shot

    • Congratulations on the reunion. I was in Brighton yesterday and thought about staying overnight and taking the kids onto the hill this afternoon…

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