God might not be reading this blog…

…(unless of course Mr Daftburger is hiding his divine light under a bushel) but the Archbishop of Canterbury might be.

Come on Rowan, you are so late.

On October the 7th last year I fulminated thus:

These new Tory values have hardly changed a jot from the Victorian times when “the poor” were divvied up into the “deserving” and the “undeserving”. And Nick Clegg

*head in hands*

Rowan-Come-Lately of Canterbury has only just got round mentioning it in the New Statesman this week. In his defence, I suppose he has had Christmas and Easter to deal with, plus that beard.

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  1. Well thats the problem organised religion is too politicised, that and it’s divine bollocks, Daftburgers divine bollock, but I digress! 😀 Maybe David Beckham could help!

    What we need is a reformation of all churches with King Daftburger VIII taking all the money and land! 😀 Only 4 more wives to go! 😉

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