The arrow of time

in physics, is forward moving, linear.

It governs why we can make an omelette with eggs, but never an egg out of an omelette: the arrow of time is irreversible. But, mysteriously, within that total irreversibility of forward-moving time, lie totally reversible physical processes.

As humans, we collude with the arrow of time, mainly living lives in a linear fashion. But not always. Within us, is the possibility of living off that track. It happens sometimes; we stop thinking about the next thing on the list of our day and we start to inhabit our world in a more lateral way, taking up space and time, backwards, forwards, *up, down and all around too.

And when we come to consider things, people and events should we try to discard the driving linear force of the arrow of time, and perhaps try to apply a more holistic appraisal of the possibilities of our very three-dimensional lives, lived in a remarkably non-linear fashion.

*see Whitney Houston’s song ‘Million Dollar Bill’, a denomination surely possible with the arrow of time and current inflation.

Entropy: something undeniable and impossible to contain, or write about, unless you are a scientist.

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  1. Not everyone conceptualizes time as a relentless hurtling forward. Some cultures understand time as a fractal a spiral a mandala or a cycle. We have body time clock time and Deep Time. Short-term orientation is the norm for some cultures others emphasize investing for the future patience and perseverance..Visualizing temporality is a fundamental issue in interaction design today. Our beliefs about time and its passage profoundly affect the design of software and interactive media. It s time for interaction designers to understand deeply how our customers know time whether as an arrow a spiral or a squiggle. How people slice and dice nature into concepts is fundamental to designing tools people can use to successfully live on the earth..

  2. .In Martin Amiss Times Arrow time runs backwards whilst Rushdies Shame deprives us of narrative order and a singular version of events. .Particularly since Einstein described his theory of relativity in 1920 we have become highly aware that time is both that numerical system of units by which we measure temporal progression – forwards moving and consistent – and an abstract concept which depends on the relative perception of the observer a particular sequence of absolute time units may seem to occupy a longer or shorter duration depending on its context its significance in relation to that individual or in relation to the environment. In terms of human life Stefan Zweig lucidly suggests in his preface to his biography of Mary Queen of Scots Only in semblance are the outward and inward seasons of a life identical in verity wealth of experience is the sole measure of living and the spirit is timed by another clock than that of the calendar.

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