I was thinking…

that a bit later on today I should mosey on down to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee and give a bit of dubious evidence, and then do the decent thing and resign.

The arrogance of News International does not surprise me. We are back to the laws of physics and my old favourite – entropy. The more closed the system, the more potential for rapidly increasing and bewilderingly varied disarray. It always happens eventually; it is entirely inescapable, whatever you do and whomsoever you are.

I am back to my eggs and my omelette – whether we are currently in the cracked shell phase or deep in the heat of the pan only time will tell. One thing’s for certain: David Cameron is the requisite cheese.

*puts pan under the grill*

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  1. Did they get so wrapped up in ego, money and power that they forgot about human decency? Perhaps once the dust has settled those in powerful positions will act with more humility and awareness of their greater responsibilities. And perhaps the general public will think again about their silent endorsement by not reading salacious and intrusive stories.

  2. Fingers crossed.

    When I said a cheese omelette, I actually meant a shaving foam one.

  3. The Mail On Sunday is the only newspaper whose circulation isn’t falling and they have kept it up by scaremongering. Gutter press equals readership with mind in the gutter

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