Boston, Lincs.

The Fattest Town in Britain.
The Flattest Town in Britain.
Boasting the *Lowest Standard of Education in Lincolnshire.
Where I started school
(Finky Wink finished for me).
She made the journey
From the Pilgrim Hospital
To Boston High School
A short trip, in either direction.
Site of a fatal industrial estate
With an alleged, exploding, illegal still
And home to St Botolph’s Church, 1, Wormgate
AKA The Stump
Which landlocked John Clare **climbed, that time
For his one lifelong view of the sea:
The Wash.

*Source: Wikipedia – of course
** I followed in his footsteps once, before they closed it, I don’t remember the sea

The Stump - 272 feet

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  1. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew


  2. We should take the girls one day on a Lincs road trip to see what they’ve missed.

    Only Lincs could have an address that is Wormgate and call a church the Stump.

    Having said that the poor education did me no harm although it was a while ago now……

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