Last night in Enfield, Edmonton, Brixton and Walthamstow (via The West Londoner)

I had a particular interest in these live updates last night and it was a lot more coherent than reading Twitter.

Additionally, it is worth noting the mass media were not reporting the disturbances in real-time, if at all. The Met released a press release in the middle of the night saying there wasn’t a media blackout, but you really have to wonder what’s going on between the press and the police and social networks.

The West Londoner has done a fantastic job sifting through the wild rumours and facts and keeping people up-to-date. The Guardian live news blog also earns a special mention.

This morning? *head in hands*

BREAKING: New riots in Enfield, Edmonton, Brixton and Walthamstow 0435: And there we are, the bottom of the hour. I'm glad I was able to keep so many people informed – what started as a proof of concept test on a news site that hasn't even launched yet ended up outdoing the mainstream media! My heartfelt thanks to all those who tweeted updates and pictures – special mention to @seanjcameron and @rickycompton for sorting through Twitter feeds and for the graphics respectively. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon cov … Read More

via The West Londoner

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  1. Friend tweeted last night that petrol bombs were being thrown at cars on the A10. Never heard something so frightening. Rain seems to be more of a defence than the police

    • It’s true about the rain, but I think the petrol bombs turned out to be one of those rumours. Frightening enough anyway 😦 The pictures on the West Londoner site give a bit of an idea of what went on.

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