The strange case of Cameron

When David finally managed to get his head round the gravity of the situation and tear himself away from his second summer holiday in Tuscany he called a meeting of the Cobra committee yesterday (another this morning too) at 9 a.m.

The first thing I thought was: why so late? What’s wrong with 8 a.m. surely a bit of alacrity won’t go amiss after all the heel-dragging that’s gone on. Then I thought something along the lines of: well he’ll want time for his kedgeree and toast and a fresh orange juice before going next-door for his important meeting.

And that’s the problem you see, Cameron acts like what he is. A bit of a nob. But then I thought, let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt, let’s see what he’s got to say about it all when he’s had his 9 a.m. meeting. After all he’s probably a bit tired what with all the rushing back from Italy on Ryanair or whatever…

This is what he said in full. Apparently he looked a bit cross whilst he said it and I can read in the content of his speech plenty of the old Tory wall-to-wall finger-wagging we’ve been deluged with in the last few days. But what interested me most was this bit:

I am determined, the government is determined that justice will be done and these people will see the consequences of their actions.

And I have this very clear message to those people who are responsible for this wrongdoing and criminality: you will feel the full force of the law, and if you are old enough to commit these crimes you are old enough to face the punishment.

And to these people I would say this: you are not only wrecking the lives of others, you’re not only wrecking your own communities ā€“ you are potentially wrecking your own life, too.

These people? What you would say?

When the Prime Minister of a country in extremis cannot communicate directly with all sections of the community we are in very great danger indeed. When budgets for community cohesion are derided and cut and replaced with abstract concepts like the Big Society (not sure where these people fit into that) we are in massive trouble. When the Prime Minister makes a statement like that and turns on his heel in apparent high dudgeon back to his gilded office to get on with his ‘important work’ we should all put our heads in hands…

A Mirror

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  1. New Moral Army. šŸ˜€

    Bring back absolute power by the monarchy. At least us serfs would then be being ruled by proper posh people!

    It’s still all Labours fault!

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