Rudi’s Spiritual Home

And mine too, perhaps.

On this occasion the naughty Shetland pony Pooh had broken through onto the wrong side of the electric fence so he was unable to join us in the caravan for a cup of tea which is something he’s rather keen on trying to do.

I am not keen on the narrow-eyed look he’s giving us but we all agree you can’t beat a bit of beige and fawn with plenty of formica.

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  1. Who, what, where, when etc… Caravan? X

  2. Rudi, I think I love you.

    • Eleanor, I am worried about you! x

      The who what where when of it goes thus: Furlong/Martin second-hand caravan of love, in a field in Stock, Essex and on Tuesday.

      What Elodie got up to will be revealed next time…

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