Taking my name in vain

Last week my current account was relieved by a scammer of £600 quid, most of which I didn’t have anyway.

Things have changed since the last time this happened, a year or two ago when I had to go into the branch, fill out forms, wait weeks for a refund. This time I had a refund the following day and a replacement debit card the day after that.

This week I got sent a letter from the Yorkshire Building Society thanking me for opening an Internet Saver account. They gave me an account number and everything and said I had 42 days to make an opening deposit before the account I DIDN’T OPEN automatically closes. Looks rather like they automatically opened it. Not unlike that wretched insurance company that gave me some kind of insurance that I didn’t ask for either. This new form of pushing product beggars belief.

On the other hand, it could just be some kind fraudster trying to save in my name instead of spend. If anyone else wants to join in via electronic transfer – please feel free. Here are the details.

Bank Sort Code: 69-92-04
Account Number: 47328497
Reference: 4732849720

Apparently I’ve also agreed, as a member, to assign any windfall payment in the first five years to their Charitable Foundation. And as a member they welcome my feedback through Member Panels, or to attend Member Question Time (only if a Dimbleby’s hosting) or call their Member Suggestion Scheme on 0800 0565 252.

Again, feel free. If I had the least bit of energy I’d be fuming.

There’s no photo for this is there? There just bloody isn’t 😕

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  1. I should put in some of that green money from Waitrose

  2. Good idea. Screw the banks, the global economy and quantitative easing; let’s all switch to Monopoly Paper Money and Waitrose Green Tokens.

    Economic revolution is well overdue. Jaysus, if you want to know what’s to be done, don’t ask an economist. Ask a physicist: the chaos theory, the butterfly effect – it’s all there.

    I could continue…

    …R4 devoted a whole programme to economic theory to get the economy out of the current mess this week. Keynes v Hayek. That’s old theory, and the best they could do to update it is sprinkle some Alan Greenspan on top.

    My lengthy point is this: the global economy is bankrupt and we urgently need new ways of doing things and at this point green Waitrose tokens is as valid as banks taking their profits whilst the public cover their losses; breaking countries instead of banks.

  3. The Destructive Power of Banks from Der Spiegel – a good read!


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