Another First Day Back @ School

I wrote a post about this on September 7th 2 years ago which, for some reason, has been viewed *1393 times in the intervening period.

Given yesterday’s theme about Time, and it being a man-made measure of the universe’s physical processes, I feel more inclined to note the changes that have occurred between the last post about Going Back to School and this one; change after all being that which the time man makes the measure of. I’m not sure if that sentence makes sense, but if it doesn’t neither does a clock that ticks off 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. Not really…

Two years ago the kids had heads full of missing teeth and I was on Tooth Fairy duty. Now the eldest doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy or Father Christmas and no-one’s teeth fell out this morning. Result.

This year I asked the youngest if she was taking her standard issue book bag with her. The eldest replied for her

Book Bags are so out of fashion in Year 3

Oh. That explains why she hasn’t carried one for the last two years then; she’s now in Year 5 and wants to play the violin. I don’t much care for the violin having tried it myself but I am rather keen on her getting to grips with mathematical concepts this year, never mind what bag she’s carrying.

I don’t share these views with them. I don’t share that whilst they are probably a little bit nervous, but mainly happy to be going back to school, I am keeping how I feel (tearful) to myself. It’s a balance as a parent isn’t it? Modelling appropriate feelings so kids learn not to be scared of emotions, how to handle their own and other peoples, but not burdening them with adult feelings when they have their own shit like which bag to take to school to deal with.

So I gave the youngest a hug, checking this was permissible; the oldest had already dropped my hand as soon as we crossed the main road near school because it was ’embarrassing’. I thought the oldest had vanished into the playground crowd, but she did look back and wave.

I have left them to their world of school and new teachers where time is strictly meted out and measured, and I have returned to my own world where time seems to fit neither the Greeks’ kronos or kairos concepts and instead wildly telescopes this way and that, and at other times, completely stands still.

Changing the subject because I’m not quite comfortable with it – we’ve not had a horse for a while on here. Here’s a rather nice one, with the youngest. She’s following a rather complex country sartorial code to do with trousers being tucked in/not tucked in to one’s wellies.

I have certain feelings about that last sentence, but I won’t burden you with them now.

Is she feeling what I'm feeling?

*I only discovered that I could actually look this figure up when I wondered how many views the post had had. This post’s first draft read ‘hundreds of times’, the second draft a more modest ‘few hundred times’, third draft said **783 but I’ve since worked out that was for this year only. I feel a bit better now.

**Maybe it’s because it was tagged ‘Dentist’. Maybe I should tag everything Dentist…

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  1. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    She learnt that welly/trouser look from her godmother.

  2. Mia couldn’t wait to give us the flick at school on Monday. Bounced into the classroom
    without a backwards glance. I was the one in tears afterwards.
    I don’t even know why. Perhaps it’s because it’s her world and life
    that I don’t have much to do with.

    I was the Tooth Fairy for the first time last week… Felt under qualified for the job.

    • It’s one of those jobs you are never quite up to I think. And then, when its over, your own teeth feel ready to fall out!

      Sign of a good school though: never a backward glance 🙂

  3. Just noticed that lone Greek with an apostrophe knocking about in the post. Better go and sort that out. The Greek’s becomes the the Greeks’ – otherwise I sound like I am talking about Stavros!

  4. I wore skateboard shoes, combat trousers and a surfing t-shirt at school despite not be able to skateboard or surf and having no ambition to be in the army. Worked though – if you were a slightly worse than mediocre girl I was a catch

  5. My mother was a head teacher Mr Spencer. I am not sure she would have approved at all!

  6. We had a very liberal uniform policy. It was Brighton! That’s why I still can’t do up a tie to this day

  7. Ya, it’s about perception.
    Rahul Gandhi

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