A break in the clouds

The dogs on the beach ban lifts for 6 months in October, so Rudi and went down the other day and pretty much had the place to ourselves, apart from a few cockle pickers further out on the mud.

I wanted to take the camera down there but the battery was flat and I couldn’t find the charger so I had to make do with the Blackberry. How it would have all turned out with a proper camera I will never know. Life can just be like that sometimes.

The Crowstone with dog on the foreshore

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  1. That’s lovely.
    On the subject of lovely .. .the tube driver this morning made my day with his pilot-style announcement… ‘Good morning everyone, and it *is* a good morning…..’. Actually heart-felt xx

  2. A cynic might say that’s because their salaries are being massively increased to £52K a year. I wouldn’t though, I would say that humanity in man is our only redeeming feature!

    I was having a laugh earlier at the language on a website for camping WBWC put me onto. Too long to relate here, but it had me in stitches, which was a tonic.

    http://www.coastalfarmholidays.co.uk/cornwall-wedding-field.html – it was the Big Top and the thousands of permutations wot did it…

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