The Washing

How long does it take in the modern age of labour-saving devices to get a load of washing done?

Well, if you only count the time the clothes clobber spends in the machine, it might be less than an hour, or two, or six hours if you overload it and the machine goes on strike. Or somewhere in between if your machine, like mine, only chooses to work with two of the twenty settings available to it and you don’t notice that although it’s glowing ON in red, it’s doing bugger all…

So that’s the technical bit – anywhere between an hour and a day.

And then comes the drying. Well that’s a bit more like: how long’s your washing line? I won’t have a tumble dryer. No room to house one, they eat electricity, no money to buy one and a strong suspicion that even if I was given one for free and put in the shed I would become instantly addicted to the non-creased clothes it produced.

So for the drying process, I am a Luddite. On the line, or on the radiator. I hate the latter, it turns the house into Widow Twankee’s gaff and if the radiators aren’t on, which they mainly aren’t (see eats electricity (gas actually)) it’s a bit useless. The line’s ok during a bright breezy day, but on these days of mixed weather and early darkening afternoons you just forget there’s anything out there.

So the load of washing I put in the machine on Tuesday, and forgot, and hung out yesterday and forgot, remains on the line today, Thursday. It’s been raining here so it’s probably still wet. I don’t mind too much, it will dry one day. There’s no rush. In the meantime just think of all the energy I’m saving by sewing myself into a set of clothes for the winter.

Alain Speed: Washing Line, oil on canvas 240w x 170h 2011

The next post will seek to explain why I only have three clothes pegs…


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  1. That’s made me laugh. My issue’s with taking it out the machine. Sometimes the same load goes on 3 times because if you leave it for more than 30mins it smells

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