Learning to write an image

You can look at an image and judge it nearly as fast as a neutrino can travel from Switzerland to Italy. Of course, you can’t, not really, but a visual offering is more accessible than one made entirely of words.

If you write you can keep those words out of sight until you are ready for the reading until they are in some sort of order, and you can hope, in the process of reading the text is being added to and interpreted. How does that work for a picture? Well for me it works as the hot flushed reaction to the act of others lookings as my unready unoffering is glanced at in all its gory(ness).

The blues that are too baby, the pinks, the same. The out of the tide that came in whilst I hesitated. The clumsiness of my replication, the wonk of it all, feeling empty and meaningless, but still…

Sometimes I think I will take the short cut, the toll motorway to abstraction and concept, but it’s not so simple. The struggle is always the thing. The overheating in bumper-to-bumper standstill, the anguished gnawing of the steering wheel, the fist-thumping on same: the road to Hell.


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