Age Quod Agis – Do As You Are Doing

I have cleaned the glass since

I’ve mislaid the camera, so am relying on the Blackberry.

Fingers crossed the actual one turns up soon.

This is an original, possibly by a well-known equine artist called Jacquie Jones (I think, in the process of verification). I found it in a charity shop earlier this month. Jacquie Jones is the artist in residence at the Newmarket Horse Racing Museum. I also think that this horse might be her ‘muse’: Age Quod Agis, a horse who won the July Stakes in 1980 at Newmarket as a two year old for Henry Cecil, Joe Mercer up. Jacquie ‘did’ Age Quod Agis who was owned by Daniel Wildenstein who is now deceased, but owned other good horses such as Ascot Gold Cup winner Westerner.

Anyway, one morning, when she was not riding work on the grey, he got rid of his rider on the heath and bolted into the road where he collided with a car. The young man driving was killed. Jacquie never rode again after that, but stayed on at the yard and nursed the horse for another six months before he went off to stud in America. She took up painting full time after that and says of Age Quod Agis

He comes to me in dreams. Not very often, but sometimes when I’m going through a low patch he’ll just appear. It’s almost as if he’s encouraging me on, saying ‘Yes, you’re on the right path’; it leaves me feeling very uplifted.”

'Elegance' by Jacquie Jones

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  1. Hello I really like this painting of Age Quod Agis….is it for sale?

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