This reblog is especially for Enkunalma: some Scandinavian snow and an Irish Setter 🙂

Bente Haarstad Photography


I live in the countryside quite close to the woods, but I have not gone skiing yet this year, before today. Because it has been too cold, because the day are too short, or other excuses. But skiing is a norwegian tradition on sundays, so today me and the dog went for ĂĄ short trip to the forest. It is only five minutes away, and now the sun sets around three, so there was still some day left.

And yes, it was a bit cold. Cross-country skiing will be nicer in February, and especially in March. We did not go far, but with an irish setter in the front, we moved fast. And was back to see the colours at the sun set. That is after the sun set, because they lasts and change very nicely in this time of the year.

But I had only a compact camera…

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  1. Thank you… this is what winter looks like 🙂

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