It’s a new record!

Of backing and forthing to the school in one day. Six visits – that’s twelve to and fros in a day.

07.50 Go to school
08.00 Return
15.10 Go to school
15.15 Return
15.55 Go to school
16.00 Return
16.50 Go to school
17.00 Return

This is where we are now. The dog has been with me on three out of the four occasions and is now refusing to leave the house again today. Unbelievably, I still have to:~

17.50 Go to school
18.00 Return
18.50 Go to school
19.00 Return

I have written this post mainly as an aide memoire to myself. I am so dizzy I am worried I might forget one leg of the marathon relay race thingummyjigummy and end up:~

leaving a child at school overnight
leaving both children at school overnight
leaving myself at school overnight

What’s to blame for all the trips? Irish Dancing. And when St Patrick Day finally comes around next month I will have more than earned my Guiness.

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  1. In a teeth-gnashingly infuriating development, I tipped up at school for the fifth time today at 6pm to be told that I was not needed until 7pm (the sixth and hopefully final visit) as the eldest has now been promoted to the show line-up due to another unfortunate child spraining her ankle earlier.

    Time to buy the eldest a Mobile Phone.

  2. Go Elodie! Glad she made it into the Riverdance lineup.

    • I think she may remain the understudy if the other kid’s sprained ankle doesn’t keep being sprained…

      In a final insult the parents found the first gates locked, the second the same. After waiting for 15 mins in the cold, dark, with the security dog barking ceaselessly in the Renault Espace we were sent back to the original gate. 12 visits, 14 gates, my god it will have to be worth it.

  3. I petition you to get the Cassetteboy BBC News video on your blog. See my Facebook timeline for share.

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