Song snippets

I have written before about how my life is inhabited by music. Tunes and snatches of lyrics pop into my head and either add to what I am doing, or deeply distract me. Sometimes when the radio plays something, particularly in the car, it feels like a hand has come out through the fascia and grabbed me, ‘Listen, this means something!’.

Some music stops me in my tracks. Some music follows me in my tracks. Yesterday was the latter when I was walking on Hackney Marshes. Round and round it was going ‘never go back, you can never go back…’ I couldn’t place it. I couldn’t place it this morning either. These things don’t go away until I do. And to place things I have to stop thinking about them; create a little space in my head where the answer can pop in quietly. There’s an obvious tension in that: needing the answer but not being able to find it for looking. I can apply that across the whole of my life too, not just my inner songworld.

Then, this afternoon, there it was. A little louder on the mike. I could hear it clearly. The words had become distinct. Don Henley’s ‘Boys of Summer’.

Out on the road today I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac
A little voice inside my head said
“Don’t look back you can never look back”
I thought I knew what love was, what did I know?
Those days are gone forever, I should just let them go but…

The original music video is copyrighted fiercely to the power of infinity out there on the net, problem is, it’s not copyrighted in my head. So, I will just link to it here anyway; god knows how long it will stay up.

It’s for Emily, who is right, as usual (see comments).

'Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach...'


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  1. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    Glad you managed to nail the song.

    • Usually get there in the end. I fancy doing a Desert Island Discs post sometime, I set it for the students’ presentation project and now I feel the need myself.

  2. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    That would be a thoroughly interesting exercise. You could encourage your readers to give theirs as well. And maybe identify food that they would take with them? I would find that interesting, but fear mine would just be hot cross buns and Skippy peanut butter.

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