Nothing Gets Written

Without writing itself in some way, or another.

There has to be space for it to come in. Creativity, of all kinds, is simply creating that space. That’s how I see it at its most basic level.

There is a blog to be written, but the space I might create for it to get done is not just mine; it sometimes needs to be taken up with other things and sometimes other people need to take it from you or, rather, you need to give it to them too.

There needs to be space for other people’s creations, allowing room for others into your life, physically and metaphysically.

Creating the space is often, necessarily, a solitary pursuit but as John Donne pointed out,

No man is an island entire of itself

Improvisation 12 ~ Wassily Kandinsky

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  1. Nice… so how do you get that back? So much going on… Life moves forward no matter what you do… I write so much better when I am away at the beach or in the mountains… Finding my spot is tricky… I understand…

    • I think, and I don’t know, I can only speak from my experience, that it’s possible to get caught up in the idea of what those spaces should look like and then without them it doesn’t quite seem to happen. I was invested in Virginia Woolf’s Room of One’s Own for ooh, like, twenty years and I never had it, and I never really got to that place.

      Now I just think of creating a gap, a crack in the curtains where a little light can shine in. And the light shines in and shows up all the dust and the scratches and the wrinkles in my life, but the gap lets me do my thing even if just for a moment. I find if I can jump into the tiniest crack in the floorboards, or the curtains, or the bit of my day when I should be doing something else, a little piece of it gets done. It’s not pretty and it’s not peaceful or quiet (although I would never say no to all that!) it just is and I suppose that’s what I need.

      I am reading about Ernest Hemingway at the moment. According to the ‘factional’ book, he would not speak to his first wife in the morning before starting his writing because he was already too much in his head and he didn’t want disturbing. I don’t really like the sound of that myself…

  2. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    Nor would he work near his wife, preferring to rent alternative premises despite being incredibly hard up. He doesn’t come across as a very nice man, even if you strip out the dogged pursuit of his career.

  3. And so it is… Creativity happens when I don’t even know it… at times in my life, when I least expect it, it comes pouring in and I am able to write like I did not know I could. Then, of course, there is the usual, so I wait. I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your style of writing. It pulls me in and brings me back to a different, sometimes better place in my creativity when I read writers like you. thanks

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