Grand National 2012

I have said everything I would ever have to say about the Grand National in the past. The only thing, I might add, is that I don’t think it’s a race for a Gold Cup winner and if I think about it too hard it makes me feel sick.

Here’s a picture instead; I prefer Degas’ racehorses to the ballerinas, although I can appreciate those too.

Knowing the Aintree crowd, there’ll be both on the course this afternoon.

Degas: pastels on paper, National Gallery of Canada

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  1. Hopefully with soft ground and the changes to the fences there’ll be no casualties. I can’t take another Alistair Down defends the National piece.

  2. With you 110%, on both counts.

  3. I’ve heard what happened via Twitter. Absolutely awful.

    • The start was a mess and they went way too fast. However great the spectacular is, it’s hard to stomach that out of the 40 horses that line up some will lose their lives.

      • I have had to just write a post. I can’t stand the statistics any more. I love the history, and I love Neptune Collonges, but I can’t feel an ounce of joy for the lovely grey because of the others. Becher’s has to go, for a start. The field has to be reduced. We can’t just stand by and defend it. I was dismayed by Paul Nicholls saying we should just ‘grow up’. That’s ridiculous. We can accept risk, but that doesn’t mean we should tolerate death traps. And that’s basically what Becher’s is.

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