Those band things: formerly known as waistbands

Once upon a time we all knew where the tops of our trousers lived, they lived in the waistband, and these waistbands belonged in their proper place pretty much round our middles, where our waists were, or are still, if you are lucky.

These days the tops of trousers have bands, but they are not for the waist. They float around from anywhere vaguely proximate to your elegantly jutting pelvis bone up to your washboard stomach, or, if you are my age – or just me, they settle in a middling but indeterminate anatomical place that does not a) cause too much muffin-top overspill or b) general stomach overhang. Have I missed anything?

It is therefore necessary to attempt to purchase trousers that are a little more generous than you need, to avoid an unsightliness of unruly and uncontained flesh (previously the waistband would have had all that covered). In these trousers you will then need to employ the services of a belt, but what you will find, is that these days many ladies’ trousers manufacturers have dispensed with the belt loop at the back of the trousers. You are then faced with a choice. Let your trousers fall down all day long, or endure the belt riding high above the trouser band up towards your shoulder blades. I suppose some crafty types might be able to add a further choice and add a belt loop, but this is as likely as flying to the moon for me. I am not proud of this needlework deficit in my life, it just is an undeniable fact.

Imagine my joy today, then, when for the first time in weeks, in a work wear pair of trews, I was able to enjoy not pulling my trousers up, all day long. There is even a belt loop at the back on them. If I think about it too hard, I am aware I may be being slightly garotted around the top of my pelvis, but, as Meat Loaf says, two out of three ain’t bad.

Belts, waistbands, and elasticated trouser hems: it's got the lot!

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  1. I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

    • Dear Tulsa Excavation Contractors, comments on the blog have been very slow recently, so I am approving (and responding) to a) well-written and b) complimentary spam. It’s a bit hubristic I know, but there you go. There’s a song about Tulsa I think, so that’s another thing in your favour. Hope the excavations are going well.

  2. Excellent post. I absolutely love this site. Thanks!

  3. Here’s some sororial spam…. I spend my days hoicking up my trews….. And there’s something about my ageing posterior that makes the trouser part that should hug the derriere slide and sag. Slide and sag… Middle age looms…. X

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