A Disney Mix-Up

Quite some years ago I went to Disneyland Paris with the kids. The eldest ended up having roaring tonsilitis and was more or less unable to stand up unaided; additionally, she was going through a lip-licking phase and had a sore red strip, like a dodgy moustachio, over her top lip. We ended up commandeering a giant push chair for the days we were there for her to sit in, although she was too big for it. She made a sorry sight and people glanced with unhelpful sympathy in our direction, often. (Sympathy must be about the most useless feeling we can summon up: empathy, yes, practical help, yes, sympathy – don’t bother.)

Anyway, the only time I relaxed was when they had both temporarily fallen asleep in the early evening and I could have glass of wine in the surreal setting of King Ludwig’s Castle (whoever he was).

Since then I get emails from Disney inviting me to come again. I can understand that – Disney Land Paris doesn’t know how trying the whole experience was. What is more interesting is that they think my name is Maria Vera Lo Presti. Would that it were. I wonder what Maria Vera’s Disneyland Paris trip was like. I wonder what her Lo Presti life is like. It’s a fabulous surname – I’d like one too – perhaps Hey Presto.

I wonder if Primavera Hey Presto is getting my emails and wondering who I am. Probably not.

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