The Leveson Inquiry: more ‘complete nonsense’

David Cameron was questioned today. He borrowed his Chancellor’s phrase when saying that although he was actively courting all the media in the run-up to the general election, it was ‘complete nonsense’ to suggest that he was prepared to trade policy for a newspaper’s, specifically The Sun’s, support.

He did acknowledge that he and Rebekah Brooks were ‘pushing’ the same political agenda. Of course this must have been by chance, it was nothing to do with his PR activities as leader of the opposition. And neither was the texting and the socialising and neighbourly, old boy’s networking stuff. In YOUR head, David, in YOUR head. In mine, a lot of what you said today sounds like more of that, by now ubiquitous, complete nonsense.

Of course it is perfectly possible that The Sun could have decided to go against Labour in the election without David Cameron’s ‘help’. There’s not a lot of choice after all in the two-and-a-quarter horse race. Personally, I’d rather papers didn’t ‘support’ a party, it seems like an Industrial Revolution anachronism in a digital world; I just need the media to report the news, not manufacture it in-house.

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