Idiot Osborne

That’s it, I’ve really had enough. The blog is constantly having to express its frustration about the coalition government because if it didn’t I would run the risk of spontaneously combusting into a fireball that would hurtle into orbit. The draft primary curriculum, which I haven’t even mentioned (yet), exercises me, the high-handed attitudes infuriate me, the sticking of the fingers in the ears in an I can’t hear you gesture frustrates me. The no Plan B drives me up the frickin wall. How much longer are we going to put up with this shower of ego-driven, small-state ideologues? What do you have to do to get rid of these incompetents? Where’s the annual performance review – one every 5 years at an election – seriously???

It’s the Mansion House speech that’s pushed me over the edge. Yesterday’s announcement of cheap credit to banks to lend to business and households has caused bank shares to jump with joy today, but, mark my words, it will be shortlived. I’ll tell you why too. It’s because just as the banks were too anxious about the economic climate to lend the billions they have already been given under quantitative easing (to lend to small businesses – ringing any bells?), so small businesses and households will be too uncertain of the future to borrow from the banks, start spending, and stimulate the growth the Chancellor is probably praying for. It’s not going to happen George. It’s not going to happen because all we’ve heard for 2 years from this government is what a terrible financial position we as a country, and as individuals are in. It’s been drummed into ‘us’ on a daily basis, more-or-less. We’ve lived beyond our means, now get with the austerity programme. It’s what you need and, actually, it’s what you deserve. That’s been the harsh ideological message from Osborne and his chumocracy, a message that gets us to shut up and take the medicine of cuts, cuts and more cuts. The medicine may be disgusting but it’s what you need…

And now he’s shot himself, and us, and the UK economy in the foot. We’ve been brainwashed. When I say, we and us, I mean the squeezed middle; the middle-earners who now simply can’t afford or are too fearful to spend, the same squeezed middle that drive 70% of the economy. That’s right people, the pathway out of this mess lies in our ability, potential or willingness to spend. But we can’t can we? We can’t think of spending more, because we don’t have more to spend. Inflation and the increase in VAT and petrol duty (and the knock-on costs on food) have seen to that. And that’s where the plan (not B) but A with panic buttons attached is going to fall down. The way things are right here, right now, and never mind the Eurozone, we aren’t going to spend more, so business can’t expand – even with billions to borrow – because the market for their products has shrunk.

Well done George et al, well done. You’ve not just shrunk the state, you’ve shrunk the pounds in my purse and the whole of the UK economy. That’s what you’ve done – you bloody idiot.

What George should have said yesterday:

# Reduce tax on fuel
# Cut VAT
# I’ll get my coat

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