Now we are eight

My youngest turned 8 today.

Being a parent is mundane and insane in equal measure and your life is no longer your own. Actually, I think the last part is the best bit, sharing the experience with others along the way, however it goes.

I think I’ve said it before, but I always find it fascinating that every day the children wake up looking the same as yesterday, but every year they have imperceptibly become different.
She asked earlier when she would be 7 again. Good question. Never and always, I reckon.

Cassia on her last weekend of being 7

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  1. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    I hope she had a great birthday, and a Mad Hatting party. X

  2. My mind has gone. I thought it read a Mad Hating Party. But that’s just my alternative to the coalition govt. It’s cheap of me to point it out, but I noticed your own hatred for the govt has affected your spelling over on FB. Just thought you’d want to know 😉

  3. Over here is a SPAG free zone though, so welcome!!! Hurrah for the effusive exclamation of the noughties.

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