More flowers saved from the dustbin

Prologue: The washing has been on the line since Sunday, the day it started to rain.
It has hardly stopped since…

I found two pots of orchids being thrown out last week, before the rains came, and my daughter and I felt, like the Kate Bush song This Woman’s Work, that the plants had ‘a little life in them left’.

This morning, unbelievably, I managed to find a patch of brief blue sky and took a photo of the flowers, thus proving Kate’s point. I know that song so well; I think I prefer Maxwell’s version, but it tears me apart to heart it sometimes. Instead I’ve got Miles Davis playing So What, from the album, Kind of Blue. Can’t beat that on a rainy day like today. A jazz trumpet talks to you, without playing on your emotions, telling you what to think like lyrics do.

For truly accomplished flower photography, I am just playing after all, please drop by my colleague Bronwyn Oldham’s marvellous website here.

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  1. Wray Barton Wrecking Crew

    Did you bring in the washing that was out on Friday, and then hang more out on Sunday? Reeeeeeeeally?

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