Beggaring belief

I am not a believer. I am open to debate and exchange of ideas. I try to speak from the ‘I’ and not make wild over-generalisations extrapolated from slight anecdotal evidence. I am sure I fail on all those counts from time to time because I am a mere error-prone human being. Today I have been in the company of believers. I will not say what they believe in because it is largely an irrelevance. It could be that they believe in the Atkins Diet, or giving up smoking with Allen Carr. It could be that they believe in 12 step programmes or the tooth fairy, like I say it is does not really matter. That is, until, they begin to proselytise about whatever it is that they believe in and try, against all the odds (like empirical evidence or what I feel about the subject), to make me believe, just like they do too.

If something works for you, if you’ve lost three stone at Weight Watchers, or seen the meaning of life well… that’s great; I’m pleased for you, really. But it does not mean I want to make it work exactly like that for me too. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?



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