Stand & Deliver

Sometimes, there is not much I wouldn’t give to be teletransported back 20 years or more and to have a pile of copy or audio typing a mile high to do in some office in Swindon: some nice mindless production work that I wouldn’t have to give a second thought to when I got home.

Of course I would become bored with the typing and Swindon too, as I did before, but having a lot of projects on the go can start to feel a bit stressful in my head, at times. Taking on too much, or having unrealistic expectations of myself (something I think of as going into Master of Time and the Universe mode) is partly a genetic trait that I stand helpless in the face of.
My whole family work too hard if you ask me…

Recently I asked my father about how he runs big projects consecutively. This is the man who has barcoded the NHS blood banks, the employees at British Airways and the merchandise at Selfridges. He is currently matching sticks of dynamite to fuses somewhere in the Camargue with RFID, or something. His answer cut across the question.

‘I find three is too many’ he said.

I had a quick tally up this morning: I have four.

No wonder I feel like Dick Turpin is standing over me when I wake up every day.

Another Dick Turpin who holds a place in my heart
No gun required
Stands at the National Stud

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  1. I just feel that your are the right person to do whatever you are doing, one good sign of knowing what you are doing is to feel that it is all out of control. Not sure if this makes sense but all I wanted to say was that I have utmost faith in you and your ability to carry out anything you take on!

    • Thank you – I trust your judgement and it means a lot! What you say sounds like the Socrates approach: I know that I know nothing… In any event, no matter what, I am always all of a wobble first thing in the morning 🙂

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