‘Stop Your Dog Eating Poop’

That’s the title that’s keeping my own ebook from the top spot in it’s free download category this weekend: Animal Care & Pets if you care to know.

I am not concerned, in fact I can’t help but smile. It’s certainly a title to reckon with. In fact, I nearly downloaded it myself before realising that of all the many disgusting habits my dog has, eating ‘poop’ is not one of them. I suppose if it was called ‘How to Stop Your Dog Occasionally Snacking On Cat & Horse Shit’ I might have hit download.

Not a tasty crap snack in sight

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  1. Oh, the link took me to part 1 of the ebook series, I have downloaded all four, is there a fifth that I have missed or is there one coming out soon.

    “Waiting at the door of Amazon, finger ready to press to order button”

    • Sorry 5th and final part is up to 5000 words (first draft) – should be up by the end of the month. At the moment I am up to the part where the wicked and impatient midwife gives me an epidural…

  2. oh good to know that there is more, I was already getting myself into a state thinking there would not be part 5. Is part 6 being planned yet? 😀

  3. Part 6 is a novel…

  4. Hey, thank you for revealing your thinking in this post. This is actually a very nice blog.

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